A group road trip with us In Mexico

The journey has always taken on countless meanings depending on who is experienced and the motivations that drive this action. There has often been the talk of the development of a form of experiential tourism where the traveler increasingly seeks an encounter with the culture and local tradition of a country.

Today we are even witnessing a further evolution where the journey has an increasingly educational function and therefore the transformation of the individual and where the traveler returns home enriched than when he left. It is increasingly important that each country is studied in its authentic and typical aspects to propose ideas for itineraries that are unique and differentiated. This way of traveling can be experienced as a tailor-made individual journey or as a group trip with friends.

For some, the term group travel makes one think of the image of a filled bus. In reality, what makes the difference is how: organized travel can is proposed for small groups (15/20 people).

This way of traveling has a double advantage: the possibility of experiencing typical, authentic and local experiences organized always guaranteeing safety even without being “adventurous” travelers and more easily enter into contact with the other participants with whom to share moments and emotions of the journey. If you are traveling with less than 50 people, we have what you need with our Ground Transport Service in whole Mexico! Contact us to discover all the details and plan the group road trip of your dreams!